Finding a wedding photographer through a Google search or wedding website is very much like online dating (a good portion of my clients met online, so let’s not pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!). For those who partake in such an exhaustive exercise, you’ve probably experienced what I’d like to refer to as the Cheeseburger Syndrome.

“Wait…what is this…Cheeseburger Syndrome that you speak of?”

It’s where everything on the menu looks scrumptiously delicious in all the beautiful photos and the credentials look absolutely stellar. USDA Prime Beef smothered with a special sauce on an artisan bun? Just take my money already! But when your much-anticipated order finally comes out (albeit after a painstakingly long decision process), you’re presented with an underwhelming mess of meat on a soggy bun and the special sauce turns out to be nothing but ketchup & mayo. Even the soggy fries want to jump off a cliff. (For the record: the In-and-Out cheeseburger in the photo was just as deliciously scrumptious as advertised.)

Unfortunately, this is a very common story that I’ve encountered one too many times with brides and cheeseburger connoisseurs alike. The good news is that I am pretty handy with the camera, and my cheeseburgers are pretty frigg’n amazing.

I’ll be the first to admit, I never grew up wanting to be a photographer. Writing has always been my life-long passion, but it took me a few years to realize that they were really one and the same; we’re all storytellers, using the same raw materials around us to paint a world as we saw it. In most cases, the stories were already there, writing themselves before my very eyes. I just had to be there to capture it when it happened.

Aside from being a not-so-shabby photographer and master cheeseburger chef, I spend my spare time teaching my sons how to color outside the lines and how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I enjoy noodles, dumplings, our Lil Monster kids, and working alongside my wife everyday: though not necessarily all the time, nor necessarily in that order :). We are based in Northern New Jersey, but will happily document your wedding anywhere in the universe.

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