About Our Clients

I might be a little biased, but I think our clients are pretty amazing. “Sure.” You might be thinking to yourself. “But every wedding photographer says that, right?”

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (or in our case, a limitless supply of cocktail shrimp, fancy drinks with umbrellas, and glorious dad jokes).

Exhibit A: Our clients love to laugh and they’re comfortable in their own skin. They don’t take life too seriously, because creating happy memories with their loved ones is just waaaay more fun.

Exhibit B: They’re not afraid to speak their mind, use colorful language, and are certainly no strangers to a stiff drink!

Exhibit C: They’re going to be a little quirky, but that’s part of their charm. In fact, all their friends are a little quirky too.

Exhibit D: Their family members are exceptional at photo-bombing.

Exhibit E: They want photos that represent the best version of themselves: big, goofy smiles, slick dance moves, as well as everything else in between. “Grandma and Grandpa’s got some moves!” their grandchildren will likely exclaim one day.

Exhibit F: But most of all – they’re genuinely kind and generous to others, just because.

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