[Engagement] Dana & George – Asbury Park, NJ

My point of reference for any location in the world is whether or not Anthony Bourdain has ever visited it, as well as any yummy food he may have consumed while exploring aforementioned location.  But if there’s anything I did learn from his New Jersey episode, it’s that there’s a place that sells deep-fried hot dogs near our house, and there’s a Gypsy woman from Asbury Park who accurately called out Anthony Bourdain’s New Jersey roots (even though he’s a self-proclaimed New Yorker). Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of those places in that NJ episode – if not for the sole purpose of exploring, then certainly for the sole purpose of eating! The only checkmark missing on my fabulous NJ list-of-places-to-visit was of course – Asbury Park.

Which is precisely why Dana & George would be doing their engagement session there!
(Not entirely, but I thought it would make an interesting narrative anyway).

The truth is, NYC has been experiencing one of the most awful heat waves that humankind has ever seen. So it didn’t take much prodding to convince these two lovebirds to take their session to the beach. Now that was easy enough :).

We wrapped up their evening in Hoboken, a sentimental spot where they spent many evenings falling in love with one another.

Many congrats to Dana and George on their engagement! By the time most of you read this, there’s a small possibility they may have already exchanged their nuptials – but there’s a greater possibility one of them is running around tying up loose ends for their wedding TOMORROW! We hope you enjoy these images, and we can’t wait to get these folks in front of our cameras soon!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Ben & Karis

Asbury Park Engagement Session | Dana & George

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