[Engagement] Melissa & Kyle – Lake Minnewaska in the Catskill Mountains

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When Melissa & Kyle first suggested Lake Minnewaska for their engagement session, I was over the moon. Unbeknownst to many, I do maintain a secret bucket list of places where I really (really) want to photograph my couples (I suppose the cat’s now out of the bag). So somewhere between my cartwheels and the two hour drive it would take for me to get there, I was a giddy little fan-boy who was about to go on an epic adventure with my couple.

I’ll spare you the sordid details of my disastrous (almost 4 hour) journey to the Catskills that afternoon, so we’ll just focus on the positives for the purposes of this post :). Because I ended up (super) late, we started their Catskills engagement session right at Golden Hour (we couldn’t have timed it more perfectly). The light was amazing, and Melissa & Kyle were in great spirits and willing participants with all my zany ideas – all the key ingredients to one of the most fun and epic engagement sessions the Catskills has ever seen :).

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