[Engagement] Nancy & Al – Queens, NY

Over the years that I’ve been a professional photographer, I’ve photographed under nearly every possible weather scenario one could possibly ever think of. This exhaustive list includes hurricanes, heat waves, flash flooding, and even blizzards.  And just when I thought I’d checked everything off this list of pure awesomeness, Nancy and Al’s engagement session reminded me that there was still one more that I’d yet to photograph/experience: gale-force winds. We’re not even talking about the occasional 60 mph wind gusts here; we’re talking about “grab your dog and bicycle because we’re going to Oz!” kinda wind!

So it was perfect that Nancy and Al wanted to photograph their session at St. John’s University, their alma mater. Aside from its sentimental importance, the campus provided a scenic backdrop for their engagement session as well as potential indoor refuges from all the crazy windy-ness. So without further ado…

Just kidding. Wrong couple :).

Ahh, that’s much better.

Nancy and Al thank you guys so much for spending a windy afternoon with yours truly, and for sharing a piece of your history with us. We can’t wait to get you guys in front of our cameras again later this year :).

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

Ben & Karis

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