Giraffes Only Appear When It Rains Sideways

“What will we do if it rains?” she asked during our first meeting.

I went through my usual responses, which typically involves my awesome use of umbrellas as props and some suggestions for indoor shooting locations

“However…the only exception is if it starts raining sideways and we’re standing in a foot of water.” I explained. While I’m confident that the weather sealing on my equipment would hold up, it didn’t mean my shoes would. And nobody hates wearing wet socks more than me.

And of course as we all know, it did rain sideways…and there were several feet of water.  So we did end up rescheduling, but I’m super thankful that we did.

Couple feeds giraffe during engagement session. Captured by northern NJ Wedding photographer Ben Lau.

Sometimes misfortunes are just opportunities in disguise.

And sometimes…they’re named Sandy :).

It’s Day 1 back at the office, and this image popped up on our screen while we were sorting through all our images from these past 2 weeks.
It’s a slight detour from our regularly scheduled programming, but we couldn’t resist.

But even more importantly, we’ll be back to some wedding awesomeness very soon…promise!

Thanks for your patience, folks!

Ben & Karis

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