Naked Cowboy Photo-bombs Our Engagement Session

In our line of work, you must always have a contingency plan. You must be able to see brick walls coming from a mile away and decide if you’re going to bust through (Oh Yeaaah!) or figure out a way to work around them. I generally opt for the latter approach and find the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, sometimes these “walls” are mobile. And sometimes, they’re (almost) butt-naked and strumming a guitar in the middle of Times Square. We certainly heard the guy playing while I was snapping away, but figured he was busy entertaining all the tourists that were swarming into the city that early evening. But in an intersection with no less than a few thousand pedestrians and a few dozen shutterbugs, he found us fair and square. After I was done chimping with my camera, I looked up to find this half-nekkid dude standing behind my couple.

Naked Cowboy photo bombs our engagement session.

Oh…what the hell.

Sneak peeks of Lauren and Tony’s NYC engagement session’s coming right up :).

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