[Engagement] Bailey & Noah – New Brunswick, NJ

As if my pasty white skin weren’t proof enough, we’ve spent a good deal of time indoors this entire summer. Humidity? Never heard of it :). Many of our clients in the area typically shy away from these hot summer months to host their weddings, if only for the sole purpose of not looking like a melt-y vanilla cone by early afternoon. This short break presents a great opportunity for us to catch up on all our work every year. Although every now and then, we’ll encounter a few brave souls who would dare to venture out into the relentless summer heat. Bailey and Noah would be such a couple, but they had more than a few tricks up their sleeves. We started their engagement session at Rutgers Gardens.

The sun got a little crazy, so we went to a dollar store to get some balloons. 200% full of WIN!

Furry oven mitts? Or Mickey Mouse ears?

We tried our best to find shade wherever we could.

We were successful most of the time. But when all else failed….


Thank you Bailey and Noah for sharing your day with us. We had a blast, and we hope you did too :).

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