Sunday Blog Post: Where did all this free time come from?

Lately, I’ve come to realize that my waking hours are starting to resemble a woman’s purse; in the way that all the free space will somehow find its way to be used in one way or another. Just when I thought I had become more efficient with my time by recalibrating my workflow a few months ago, more work just magically appeared as if on cue. As a small business, I certainly can’t complain. This simply meant I had to be more efficient and find out how to do more in less time. Enter, the newest tool in our arsenal: red-hook-engagement-session-2

Yes, there’s a new model coming out in less than 30 days, but I figured I could get a great deal on a top-of-the-line “older” model. The verdict? My productivity and post-production speed just sky-rocketed by a gajillion percent. Add in the fact that we just hired a new in-house editor…mind-explosion.

I’ve decided to put this freed-up time to good use…by blogging on a Sunday. Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you guys tomorrow.


Hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather this weekend :).


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