[Family] Logue Family – North Jersey Family Session

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I once asked my eldest son if he remembered a life without his little brother. He told me that he didn’t – his brother was always by his side for as long as he remembered.  “Promotions are a big deal!” I remember telling him, “You’re going to have to be a good role model for your younger brother, and be his protector and best friend.”

He nodded in agreement.

He was also five years old at the time when I asked, so he’s probably due for a refresher :).

Aria & Fiona are two adorable twin sisters who recently received their own promotions when their little sister Emily came into this world. With the State of NJ slowly opening back up (and with my calendar pretty much wiped clean of weddings these next few months),  my longtime friends/clients Alexis & Mike reached out to see if I would interested in photographing their gorgeous family.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for the world :).

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