Meta Ads can be complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated.

Join my Meta Ads Bootcamp and learn the same strategies that we've used to earn $8000 in bookings in 45 days - JUST FROM META ADS!


Want some proof that it works? You got it!

When it comes to business education, I'm a firm believer in transparency and accountability. When you work with me, these values will always be non-negotiable. The screenshots you see here are from a campaign we ran during summer 2023.

Campaign length: 45 days

Ad spend: $462.84

Link clicks: 970

Total leads: 62

Retargeted leads: 12

Booked: 2

Revenue: $8000

I know you've tried everything.

Believe it or not, we did too.


We've boosted posts, we've offered freebies & giveaways, and did everything that Meta/Google/TikTok asked us to. Despite our best efforts, we received ZERO leads for all that time, effort, and money.


That's a pretty terrible ROI, no matter how you look at it.


And after spending an embarrassing sum on FB ads courses, books, and coaching (and 18 months of trial and error), we believe we've finally figured it out.

And we'd like to share it with you.

Here's what you get.

While going through this course, you will receive the following:

  • Self-guided, online instruction, so you can learn at your convenience and pace.
  • Group coaching provided by me in a private FB Group (link to join will be provided at checkout)
  • Homework and worksheets (some might take 30 minutes to complete, others might take a whole weekend - depending on how focused you are!)
  • Lifetime access to the course videos, and any updates I make to the course.
  • Access to me, if you have any questions implementing the stuff I'll be teaching in this course.
  • Surprise gift at the completion of the course!

Okay, so what's this gonna cost you?

For a ridiculously affordable sum of $149 with just a few strings attached, there are just a handful of additional things I'll need from you:

  • Your undivided attention and focus for ONE WEEK.
    That's it. Each unit should only take 30(ish) minutes to go through. And the homework should only take you about an hour every day. If you are hyper-focused, you should be up and running within two weeks, TOPS.
  • Your commitment to do the homework and worksheets.
    There are no shortcuts (I wish there were!).
  • Your commitment to NOT SHARE the presentations.
    I worked pretty dang hard to put this together for ya'll!
  • Your results and testimonials.
    This will allow me to tweak my course and make these strategies better (for you and future students).


Why aren't we doing these classes live?
I know that many of you are parents with 9-5 jobs who can't feasibly hop on a call at 2pm in the middle of the day, or at 7pm on a weekend either (especially if most of you are working photographers). Setting this up as a self-paced course allows you to learn at your pace and convenience, and I can hop in and help whenever needed.


Are the results guaranteed?

Everyone's mileage will vary. At the end of the day, it'll come down to the quality of your work, the value of your offer, and how focused you are in implementing everything that I teach in the course.


How long will I have access to the course materials?

You'll have access to the course materials for as long as you're in the group. Please be kind and follow the group rules if you plan on staying! I do plan of adding updates as the Meta Ads ecosystem evolves - and you'll have automatic access to all these updates.


Ready to get started?

I'm super excited that you're here, and I'm incredibly humbled and honored that you've invited me on your journey. This is not a responsibility that I take very lightly!


On that note, I'm ready whenever you are, and I'm looking forward to all the amazing things we'll do together.