Lil Monsters Visits the North Pole!

So we’ve been cooped up in the house this entire week and haven’t seen the light of day for about just as long. It’s the first full week we’ve had to ourselves since April, thus allowing us to stay in our pajamas all day long and plow through our inboxes like a champ. While we may have some very happy brides (and grooms) these coming weeks, we realized this was borderline unhealthy behavior. So we made the executive decision to take the kids out to civilization and paid Santa a visit during one of our lunch breaks.

Lil Monster suddenly remembers the trauma from last year’s encounter, and he’s not happy about it.

A very concerned Lil Monster and a very nonchalant 2.0.

Better next year, kiddo :).

And because I think $24 for two 5×7’s shot with a dummy-proof setup and two weeks of training is highway robbery, I had my mother-in-law snap this one before we went home.

Close enough :).

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. We’ve seriously got some wedding awesomeness to share with you guys this week!

Ben & Karis (and the Lil Monsters!)

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