Scouting: Northern Baltimore County

This past weekend was quite a doozy. With half of New Jersey still without power, I was particularly elated that my clients’ wedding in Central New Jersey went on without a hitch. As it is with every wedding, I made a point to locate the smoker’s corner because there’s always one at every party. For the uninitiated, it’s the grown-up equivalent of the back-of-the-schoolbus, your local Dairy Queen or wherever it is the cool kids are hanging out nowadays.

But I digress :).

As I made some small talk about Sandy with some of these guests on the terrace (which was FREEZING btw), I confessed that I was staying at my folks’ warm and cozy house in Baltimore until after Election Day (this may have been in poor taste in afterthought). At the time of this writing, power is still spotty in Northern NJ and the gasoline shortage still hasn’t resolved itself 100% yet. With two kids in diapers and a mountain of wedding images to process, we weren’t going to go home into a war zone.

“So you’re from Baltimore, eh?” he asked.


“Ever seen The Wire?”

This is probably the 3rd most popular question that I get asked, outranked only by “Where are you from?” and “No, really…then where are your parents from?” The short answer is: “No, I have not seen The Wire”, though I’m fully aware of its storyline thanks to its legions of fans who approach me to verify its truthiness (and yes that’s a word, according to Stephen Colbert). For inquiring minds, the answer to the other question is “The Brooklyn part of China” :).

There is a whole ‘nother side of Baltimore that the world doesn’t get to see outside of its fervent rabid Ravens fans and a hit HBO miniseries. I’m sure my fellow Baltimorians will agree.

I have one more session in Baltimore before heading back to North Jersey for the remainder of the wedding season. These lovebirds wanted something off the beaten path, which just so happens to be my specialty :). So without further ado, take a look at all the lovely randomness that we found!

Scouting Northern Baltimore County for a Fall engagement session.

Scouting Northern Baltimore County for a Fall engagement session.

Scouting Northern Baltimore County for a Fall engagement session.

Scouting Northern Baltimore County for a Fall engagement session.

No row homes or Ravens memorabilia here! Nothing but some good ol fashioned Maryland countryside in northern Baltimore County. As an added bonus, we’re totally looking to commandeer someone’s alpaca :). I can’t wait to explore this space tomorrow, and I can’t wait to share those images with you!

Hope our NJ/NY friends are resuming their lives with some semblance of normalcy, and we’ll be back in business hopefully by the middle of this week!

Stay warm, friends :).

Ben & Karis

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