[Portraits] Kristine & Miguel – Barcelona, Spain

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“Do some personal work.” they all said, as I lamented over the creative rut I was feeling these past few years.

And so I did.

Earlier this year, we traveled to Barcelona, in search of inspiration, and a desire to see the world through a different set of lenses (the ones in my mind, and not the ones on my camera).

New sights & new sounds in an unfamiliar country and culture: this was the perfect opportunity to explore how far we could creatively go, unbound by any rules (self-imposed, or otherwise). Due to our tight traveling schedule, we didn’t think we could find volunteer couples on such short notice. Not only did Kristine & Miguel step up to the plate, they took a detour FROM THEIR HONEYMOON to hang out with us for half a day!

They even caught a red-eye, and met us before sunrise to make it happen. What did we ever do, to deserve such amazing clients/friends?

And just for good measure, we even vlogged about it :).

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