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[Wedding] Hae-Yoon & Bernard – Snug Harbor

To demonstrate how much I love my fellow readers and clients alike, I’m writing this post amidst a flurry of construction work that is going on around me while our Lil Monster’s passed out in bed after a short, harrowing, heart-breaking ordeal at the emergency room (he’s fine now though!). But for now, allow me to present to you...

[Wedding] Hae-Yoon & Bernard – Snug Harbor (Sneak Peeks)

We kick off the Spring 2012 wedding season with the beautiful Hae-Yoon and the not-too-shabby Bernard on the gorgeous 83 acre grounds of Snug Harbor. Just a week prior to their wedding, we had scouted the area; the trees were still bare and the air was still crisp, remnants of a winter we New Yorkers/New...

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