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[Engagement] Kristen & Martin – New York, NY

If there were a scale to measure one’s bravery and fearlessness, with 1 being a skittish kitten and 10 being the combined cast of Expendables 1, 2 & 3, Kristen would rank somewhere around…1 million. Why? Not only did she want to shoot her NYC engagement session outdoors in this crazy wintry weather, she did...

[Engagement] Lauren & Ari – New York, NY

“It’s not vandalism if the rain washes it away, right?” Lauren asked as she scribbled her giant pink chalk onto a concrete wall. “It’s only vandalism if you get caught.” I corrected her, while handing her a giant piece of black chalk. In a neighborhood where untainted walls are just about as rare as parking...

[Engagement] Kallie & Greg – New York, NY

Kallie & Greg wanted their engagement session to reflect their time together in the Big Apple. Their New York City engagement session started early that morning in The Meatpacking District and Highline Park, two of my favorite spots in the city for fun and romantic engagement sessions!

[Engagement] Alyssa & Gary – New York, NY

“Don’t worry…” I reassured them at the beginning of their engagement session. “…the more awkward you feel, the better the photos will come out. Trust me!” It’s not the kind of assessment most folks would like to hear from their wedding photographer. But then again, this is coming from the most awkward guy in the...

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