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[Wedding] Sandra & Jamal – Coral House in Baldwin, NY

If you’ve ever gotten your hair cut professionally (I’m assuming most of us have, anyway), then there’s a high probability that you’ve endured the mundanity of staring yourself in the mirror for about 20 minutes while someone with a sharp object snip-snips around all the sensitive parts around your head (ears, eyes, etc). But if...

[Wedding] Sandra & Jamal – Coral House in Baldwin, NY (Sneak Peek)

Had you seen me twenty-five years ago, you would’ve found a squat little six year-old Asian boy waiting by his bus stop wearing a hideously atrocious brown school uniform. And next to this bespectacled boy, you would’ve found a (much) taller girl, same age, wearing the same hideously atrocious patterns on her schoolgirl dress. Had...

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