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[Wedding] Cassie & Keith – Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, NJ

Much to Karis’ chagrin, there are very few things in life that would send me to DEFCON 5, much less DEFCON 1. Subsequently over the years, she’s endearingly nicknamed me “The Rubber Wall” – unyielding, aloof, and nothing (insults nor spaghetti) ever seems to stick. The kid fell off the bed again? Free lesson in gravity...

[Engagement] Cassie & Keith – Hoboken, NJ

When we first met Cassie and Keith in a quiet cafe near the outskirts of Hoboken, I remember the cafe being curiously empty. This is strange, I thought to myself.  Good coffee/tea in a cozy atmosphere? – This place should be packed!  It was only moments later when I realized we had less than 45 minutes...

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