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[Wedding] Katrina & Stephen – Park Savoy Estate in Florham Park, NJ

Here’s a fun fact: I’m terrible at receiving compliments. Like, embarassingly terrible. Whenever I see a high-five come my way, or get a pat-on-the-back, I’ll customarily respond with a polite nod & “thank you”, unsure if my response is adequately sufficient, or if I even deserved the praise in the first place. Perhaps it’s the...

[Wedding] Wammie & Kenn – Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ

There were so many things to love about this wedding: from the door games (a staple of Chinese weddings) to the ring bearer pimping his ride down the aisle to kick off the wedding ceremony at the Park Savoy. But my favorite part of this wedding is the part where unbeknownst to the groom, the...

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