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[Wedding] Hillary & RJ – The Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, NJ

After adulting for the better part of 2 decades, I’m almost pretty sure that everybody else in the universe works on their birthday, so there probably isn’t an exception for wedding photographers. Just think about it: I’m literally surrounded by delicious food, great music and most importantly, there’s free cake! Needless to say, when Hillary & RJ...

[Engagement] Christina & JR – Lavallette, NJ

Can I just say how much I loved photographing this couple? I mean…who walks around town with a glass of wine in their hand? These guys do, apparently. “Officer…technically, this isn’t a container…so the open-container law doesn’t apply to us!”. Yeup – that’s how fancy people like us do it :). Because Christina & JR are...

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