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[Wedding] Alex & Steve – Feast at Round Hill in Washingtonville, NY

It was cold and raining when we arrived at Alex & Steve’s suites in Washingtonville that morning. These two were in high spirits, regardless. Afterall, they had planned the perfect wedding at the most perfect venue. Great food, great live-music, and thank God for outdoor heat lamps :). Alex & Steve tied the knot at the...

[Wedding] Bracha & Jon – Feast at Round Hill in Washingtonville, NY

Typically, when we meet up with the grooms on the morning of their respective wedding days, we’ll find them (along with their groomsmen) in various stages of undress – to go along with a noticeable scent of adult-beverage-consumption. This was clearly not the case on the morning of Bracha & Jon’s big day at the Feast...

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