[Wedding] Helen & Prad – Central Park in New York, NY

So Helen & Prad probably have one of the coolest jobs in the universe: they design shoes for a living! These two met at work, and somewhere between their deep conversations about insoles and revolutionary shoe-fastening systems, Helen asked Prad on a date (this is all conjecture btw). Prad enthusiastically agreed to this proposition, and the rest was history (also conjecture, likely). Helen & Prad have been dating on opposite sides of the pond for at least two years now (with Prad on the West Coast and Helen back in the UK), and NYC just seemed like the perfect meeting point between the two to get married (100% truth!). Under the shelter of the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park, these two made a solemn oath to be the perfect pair for the rest of their lives. 

Vintage NYC Yellow Taxi: Film Cars

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