[Wedding] Jessica & David – Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, NJ

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What if the weatherman told you there was a 60% chance of raining on your wedding day? Like most people, you would probably err on the positive side of the same forecast which also said there’s a 40% chance that it’s NOT going to rain. I mean, how often do these weather people get it right anyway, amiright?

And that, my friends, is exactly what I love about Jessica & David; two individuals who will almost always tell you that their glasses are perpetually half full (though at that very moment on that very day, if we’re going to split hairs or whatever, I surmise it was probably closer to 40% – but I digress, lol). But rain, snow or shine, I was ready to rock and roll along with these two lovebirds and their outdoor wedding ceremony at the Indian Trail Club!

Later that afternoon, I remember being perched on the windowsill which overlooked an incredibly beautiful outdoor ceremony taking place down by the lakefront. Out of one corner of my eye, I noticed some of the guests checking their phones, undoubtedly looking at the weather maps which were all blinking red. They would all glance up at the sky, make a face and shrug, before quietly putting their phones away. Out of the corner of my other eye, I noticed a staff member, genuinely praying to the Weather Gods to give these people five more minutes to wrap up their ceremony (and yes, I did get a photo of that).

As it turned out, the Weather Gods gave them two minutes.

Oh well – at least we tried :).

But that’s the beauty of the whole thing, isn’t it? Even if the forecast had called for 90% rain (or typhoon, in Jessica & David’s case), relationships and life is about giving it your all: not because the deck is perpetually stacked against you, but because you simply have nothing to lose when you approach everything in life & relationships with love, conviction, and a positive attitude. That, in my humble opinion, makes you a winner, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The great news? We still managed to get gorgeous wedding ceremony photos outside on the lakefront, despite the prospect of this wedding ceremony soon becoming an amusement park wave pool of epic proportions. But because this couple took a chance on each other, took a chance with the Weather Gods, and took a chance on me (who may or may not have pulled off the most epic Hail Mary of all time), they got the wedding and wedding photos that they’ve always wanted.

And that’s a winner, winner, chicken dinner in my book!

Venue & Catering: Indian Trail Club // Ceremony/Officiant: Celia Milton // Hair & Make-up: VickyC5 // Dress: Atelier Pronovias // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Groom’s attire: The Black Tux // Floral/Décor: Anna Rose Floral // Entertainment: SCE Event Group // Stationery: Minted // Calligraphy: Yang Lettering // Favors: Sip Hip Hooray // Cinematography: LVL 13 // Planner/Coordinator:   Cake: A Little Cake

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