Making Rainbows Out of Rain: When the backup is better than the original!

We normally don’t encounter many issues when it comes to shooting locations, because we’ve learned to adapt to most environments. On actual wedding days, we really only have two antagonists: time and weather. Shooting locations need to be (relatively) nearby, and they “should” be readily adaptable to any weather condition. Unfortunately, nothing in NJ is closer than 20 minutes together, and there appears to be a storm cloud following me around this entire wedding season!

This is where backup plans can prove invaluable. Our lovely bride Nicole and her new husband Brian, had originally planned an awesome portrait location which boasted views of the NYC skyline overlooking the Hudson River. But right when we started leaving the church, we felt droplets falling from the sky. “No worries.” my bride says to me. “I got this!” She whips out an address and gives it to the limo driver.

And quite frankly, I was super stoked it ended up raining that day :).

Couple poses in the illusion room at the Teaneck Butterfly Conservatory. Captured by NJ wedding photographer Ben Lau.

Many thanks to the Teaneck Butterfly Conservatory for being so accommodating on such short notice. Your generosity cannot be overstated.

Here’s to making more rainbows out of rain :).

Ben & Karis

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