[Wedding] Priya & Nishant – Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, NY

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There’s a story I share about my first encounter with Karis. It begins with a pretty young lady by herself at the hotel bar, which doesn’t appear/sound suspicious at all. Then along comes a handsome, charismatic, and absolutely charming man in a suit who introduces himself – he’s traveling solo that evening as well. This also apparently does not sound off any alarms on her end. After all, that’s what hotel bars were designed for, amiright?

The young lady orders a drink (a dirty martini, extra dirty, extra olives). Not only does the young man decline ordering a drink for himself, he also doesn’t pay for hers. He’s seen this ruse before, the Pretty-Girl-At-The-Bar-Getting-Free-Drinks-At-The-Bar ruse. He’s not falling for it this time. So instead, he offers her a (romantic) private tour of the city. Little did they know that evening, that 14 years later, they would be happily married with 2 rambunctious boys, living in the suburbs with their equally rambunctious puppy. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes.

While Priya & Nishant are probably still ages away from living in the burbs with their kids and a puppy, Karis and I share a very similar origin story with Priya & Nishant (and if my memory serves me correctly, Nishant may have been the one getting free drinks on that one fateful night!).

Priya & Nishant’s month-long wedding celebration spanned several time-zones and continents, and we were lucky to have had the opportunity to document two of those days at the Metropolitan Pavilion, located right in the heart of NYC. Their day started with one of the most colorful and festive Barats we’d ever seen; complete with colored smoke, percussionists and even a parade float! It’s safe to say, this was a one-of-a-kind celebration that few will ever have the opportunity to experience. Their traditional Hindu ceremony was equally, if not more enchanting, with elaborate florals and decor covering every inch of the walls and columns of their wedding mandap. And of course, who could forget about their gorgeous wedding reception? The guests were certainly in for a treat: with Priya sharing several performance dances with all the important men in her life – there was literally not a dry eye in the room when everything was said and done. This was definitely one wedding celebration that attendees will remember for the very foreseeable future!

Venue: Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea NYC // Catering: Melange Catering // Ceremony Officiant: Pundit Chinmayi // Hair & Make-up: Nasreen Mahmood // Dress: Gaurav Gupta, Sabyasachi, Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika // Shoes: Louboutin // Groom’s Attire: Shntanu & Nikhil, Aruun Kilachand // Jewelry: Rachit Motani // Floral/Decor: Sajawat Decor // Entertainment: Shilpa Sabharwal // Stationery: Staples // Favors: Chittal Sundream Desserts // Cinematography: INZI Films

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