[Family] Tamoria Family – Old Town Alexandria, VA

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Someone recently asked me: “What’s the secret sauce to a great image yield from a family session?”

“Light, location, positive vibes and bribery….with a HUGE emphasis on bribery!” I replied, without skipping a beat.

And with this particular family session in Old Town Alexandria, we had copious amounts of all 4 magical ingredients. In fact, we had more than we knew what to do with :).

I was recently (re)exploring my old stomping grounds of Northern Virginia and Maryland to photograph several of my old friends and their little ones; starting off with Max who was absolutely not shy about showing off his incredible balancing, stick-throwing, and jump kicking skills. When a child is filled with boundless energy, good vibes, and an eagerness to share their excitement with the people around them – this is the magic we all wish we could capture in a bottle (or image, for that matter!).

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