[Wedding] Alyssa & Russ – West Hills Country Club in Middletown, NY

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“I have to do WHAT?” is probably one of the all-time favorite responses I get from brides & grooms during their consultations. It’s usually nothing seriously urgent – but it’s almost always something they never thought about when they were first planning their wedding. These include (but are not limited to): making sure the parents are ready before the bride (lest they end up in all the prep photos wearing an “I love cats” t-shirt), having invitation times different from the actual start time (you’ll just have to trust us on this one), and that a little love note to your future soulmate on the morning of your wedding is simply a great idea.

On the night prior to Alyssa & Russ’ wedding at West Hills Country Club, our handsome groom totally blanked out on that last part. It’s not that he forgot about writing a card, it’s that he forgot to BUY the card in the first place. And lucky for him, there wasn’t a place that sold greeting cards within 50 miles of his location. So then of course he got the next best thing: the back of a stock photo that’s inside a picture frame. But according to our bride (who was laughing hysterically at this point when she got her note), she somehow knew this was coming, and that her future husband was totally on-brand. She loved it all the same and wouldn’t have expected anything less.

So what else can I say about this couple or their gorgeous weddings at one of my favoritest venues on the planet? There were tons of dancing, laughing, and celebration all night long. Despite the small hiccup we had that morning, we loved every moment all the same, and wouldn’t have expected anything less :).

Venue & Catering: West Hills Country Club // Ceremony/Officiant: Rev. Dr. Robert “Odie” Odierna // Hair: Kassie Brikowski // Make-up: Jen Sbarbaro // Dress: Mikaella by Paloma Blanca // Shoes: Toms // Groom’s attire: JoS. A. Bank // Jewelry: Naser Diamonds // Floral/Décor: Cherry Brandy Designs // Entertainment: Joe Baracata Band // Stationery: Minted // Favors: Donation in lieu of favors // Cinematography: byDesign Films 

Northern New Jersey, NYC
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