Playing in the Rain: Shooting on the Eve of Hurricane Sandy

If anyone’s been following us for any amount of time, they’ll know that we shoot under any weather condition. We manage a very tight shooting schedule without many opportunities to reschedule. While we would love to schedule in an occasional weekend off  every month (in anticipation of these potential reschedules), I think most folks also know that we’ve got two kids in diapers to feed too!

Enter: Hurricane Sandy.

After pulling a 16-hour wedding extravaganza between Staten Island and Brooklyn on Saturday, I took a 4 hour nap and hopped on a 7am train heading right into the path of Frankenstorm. Now that’s commitment, ya’ll!

Downtown Baltimore was a ghost town when I arrived, with residents filling/piling sand bags along the cobblestone streets of Fells Point. The best part of shooting an engagement session on the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival? We’ve got the city to ourselves! With the exception of emergency workers and the not-really-panicking residents hauling their newly filled sand bags, Fells Point was empty and available to us at our creative disposal. And this, my friends, is precisely why we love shooting during weather anomalies :).

As we wrapped up our engagement session later that evening, I asked Mary and Adam: “Who says you need parks and sunshine for engagement sessions?”

“That’s exactly what we didn’t want!” Mary said, as she carefully hopped from one cobble stone to the next.

Mary and Adam walk along the cobble stone streets of Fells Point for a rainy evening engagement session.

Duly noted :).

Note to all would be storm-chasing engagement session photographers: we wrapped up 24 hours before Sandy’s arrival. While compelling images are nice to have, safety is always paramount! It goes without saying, your subjects need to be alive for their respective wedding days :).

For all our friends in the Northeast, be safe and dry!

Ben & Karis

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