We are a husband and wife wedding photography team, and we never met a bowl of noodle soup we didn’t love. On an entirely different note: one of these days, we’re going to own an alpaca farm, and ya’ll are invited to hang out with us and our fluffy friends :).


Many folks have asked us how we got started in the business of wedding photography. Our answer over the years has always been the same: “We have no idea. It just sorta...happened.” [insert confused shrug here] What started out as a favor to a friend, turned into a few more favors for a few other friends. The rest, as they say, was history.


Although we're proud of the work we've done over the years, our greatest source of pride is our family and the life we've managed to build together. We are incredibly blessed, grateful, and couldn't imagine living our lives any other way.


When we're not busy bustling dresses and tying bow ties, we enjoy hiking, family dance battles, and dad jokes (much to everyone's chagrin, Ben has yet to run out of material, 8 years and counting). Although we are based out of Northern NJ, we will happily document your wedding anywhere in the universe.

Northern New Jersey, NYC
and Destinations Worldwide