Life is short, and is as curious as it is beautiful. Some of us spend an entire lifetime searching for someone to share in our joy and laughter; and luckily for us, Karis and I found each other with plenty of time to spare. Over the years, we've built a family, a home, and three thriving wedding photography brands. The life we now share could only be made possible by being true to each other, being true to our wonderful clients, and most importantly, being true to ourselves.

And friends, that is the promise we'll make to you: when you invite us to document one of the most amazing days in your lives, you'll be getting a photographer, a friend for life, and hopefully, a bit of laughter along the way. From pinning boutonnieres to fluffing dresses, and Old-Fashioned recipes to dad-jokes; we've literally got everything covered.


Our journey together starts with a simple conversation, possibly over coffee (or tea, if you prefer). I want to know what excites you, and what inspires you. In turn, I will do the same. By the time you get to the bottom of your cup, I hope you will feel confident that my vision and shooting philosophy is precisely what you've been looking for.


With my cameras in hand, you'll give yourselves the permission to laugh out loud, to be silly with your friends, or be awkward with each other. I want to see (and document) it all because that is where the magic lies, and that is precisely where I want to be. And my friends, it will be some of the most fun we will ever have. Promise :).






A few words from some awesome people

Christine & Danny

“You can count on him to ensure you will get beautiful photos that capture the most important moments of your special day, but you can also count on him to make you laugh and ensure you’re having fun throughout the process.”

Amy & Sam

“Ben made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and kept us laughing all day. As a result, our photos were both natural in capturing joy and stunning in capturing the environment around us.”

Donna & Gary

“Ben instantly sparked to our fun loving personality during our engagement photos. By the time our wedding day arrived it felt like old friends were behind the lens.”

Many years from now, when you look back on your images, you'll want to vividly remember the joy, love, and warmth in each and every frame. From the first click, to the very last, no moment is too sacred, and no detail is irrelevant. The ability to capture this level of intimacy requires a tremendous amount of trust from my wonderful clients, which is an honor and privilege I never take lightly. For this reason, I only take a limited amount of clients each year to ensure you’ll receive 100% of my creative energy.


I love the work I get to create, the legacies I'm able to document, and the amazing couples I get to do it with. After all these years of photographing weddings, I still think that's pretty cool, and I hope you'll think so too.


Northern New Jersey, NYC
and Destinations Worldwide