Ben Lau Is (Finally) Switching To A New Camera System

Ever since I picked up my first DSLR back in 2007 (a Nikon D80, if inquiring minds want to know), I was in love. Back then, I’d always wanted to learn how to take nice pictures, but the sad reality was that I knew absolutely nothing about photography; not the technical jargon, nor the artistry and years of hard work that went into creating beautiful imagery. In my mind, the first logical step in all of this was getting myself a nice camera. And by nice, it meant anything that wasn’t my iPhone. I mean, seriously – with a nice camera, beatufiul photos pretty much took themselves, right?

This little hobby of mine would soon take a life of its own, as many of my friends and clients would soon learn. I eventually graduated from my kit lenses and went on a shopping spree for the next 2 years. I soon found myself with a closet full of Nikkor lenses and Nikon camera bodies. Why? Because I unequivocally knew, better equipment = better photos. Who was the internet to tell me that I wasn’t a true artist, simply because I had all that fancy equipment?


I was going to show them!

But as the years went by, there was always this nagging sensation in the back of my mind. What if I was wrong all this time and the internet was probably right (again)? I really needed to become a better artist, and to stop relying on all that fancy gear as my crutch. I felt like a fraud. I owed my clients so much more than that, but most of all – I owed it to myself.  The integrity of all my future work was counting on it. And just like that, my mission to prove my legitimacy in the world of photography had officially begun. I sold all of my Nikon gear and got me this sweet piece of hardware.


Jealous? I thought so.


With all that leftover money, I was able to buy my wife that kitchen she always wanted, AND fund both our sons’ college tuition. Winna, winna, chicken dinna!!!


There was absolute beauty in its simplicity. I was in love, all over again.


This past weekend, I took this bad boy out for a spin. And I totally rocked it (naturally).

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.58.40 PM

Here were the settings, for inquiring minds:

SOOC F/4 – .01 sec – ISO 2015

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