Bride & Groom Shares Wedding Anniversary With Their Wedding Photographers

I’m sure many other folks will say this, but we really whole-heartedly mean it: we most absolutely have the best clients in the world. As some of you may already know, Karis and I just “celebrated” our 5 year wedding anniversary last night. And by “celebrated” it simply meant that we made it this far without killing one another :). What made it extra special was the fact that we were working at the same exact venue where we got married 5 years ago. Pretty amazing, right? We reassured our couple that we were totally cool about celebrating our anniversary on their wedding night. After all, most folks work on their birthdays and anniversaries, so why should we be any different? Nevertheless, the night would most certainly be about them. It was their big night, not ours.

So during one of the many dance sets, I hear OUR wedding song come on. At first I thought nothing of it. After all, who doesn’t play “Endless Love” on their wedding night?  But I digress :). I look across the dark ballroom and see the bride coming towards us, demanding us to put our cameras down. The bride and groom had apparently made prior-arrangements with their band to perform the very exact song from the first dance of our wedding night, just for us.


We agreed to put our cameras down, as long as they shared this dance with us. And they did, and it was wonderful.

Later on that evening, the maître d’ informed us that the dessert tables were ready to be photographed. Karis and I both scurried off to the dessert room (which is actually a gorgeous candlelit grand foyer with two winding staircases) before the guests arrived. Somewhere between shooting the fondue fountain and a mountain of macadamia nut cookies, I hear my name being called.

“Ben, we’ve got one more dessert for you to photograph!”

I turned around and they’re holding a small cake with “Happy Anniversary” scribbled across the top. Karis and I were nearly in tears. Apparently they had also made arrangements with the venue and catering to prepare a cake, especially just for us! How does one respond to that!?!?!

Bride and groom shares wedding anniversary with their wedding photographers.

So from the bottom of our hearts, we want to give a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Melissa & Joe for sharing your big night with us. We are truly honored to be a part of such a momentous occasion in such an unforgettable way. And because one good turn deserves another, here’s a lil sneak peek of their day :).

Evening bridal portrait at The Palace at Somerset Park, NJ. Captured by NJ Wedding Photographer Ben Lau.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend :).

Ben & Karis

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