During Which One Of These Weddings Will Baby #2 Arrive?

Contrary to the common belief that most photographers view the world in shapes and colors, I actually see the world in numbers – almost like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Aside from the obvious “ratios here, ratios there, f-stop this, shutter speed that”, I occasionally keep myself entertained with provocative questions like:

“What’s the probability it’ll rain this weekend?”
“How many more meetings will I conduct in a Starbucks until the barrista knows my order by heart?”
“If two splenda’s go into a tall, how many go into a venti?”

I blame it on my Asian genes, and therefore I blame my parents for this curse of viewing the world as a giant math problem. But nevertheless, there’s this very giant, pink elephant of a math problem descending upon us these coming weeks: “What’s the probability that my wife will go into labor while I’m out shooting?”

“Pretty darn high.” is probably the most accurate answer.

Karis is due in about two weeks, but she’s officially full-term now. From now until the week following her official due date (9/11), there are a total of 6 weddings and 4 engagements on my calendar – that’s 10 shooting days in a span of 17 days! All of our clients are fully aware of the situation, but we’ve reassured them that I would be there through rain, snow, shine (or birth of our second child). That’s a 58.82% probability that Lil Monster 2.0 will be arriving while yours truly is out of town!

I’m seriously thinking of giving a prize for one of these lucky couples if our second kid’s birthday happens to coincide with their wedding anniversary. It’s the least we can do, since we’re all celebrating for all kinds of reasons anyway. So without further ado, here the contestants!

*Cue theme song*

 Kelly & Rob – 38w3d – 35% probability

Sandra & Drew – 38w4d – 40% probability

Lisa & Matt – 38w 5d – 45% probability

May & Lee – 39w5d – 90% probability

Maricar & Izaak – 40w4d – 70% probability

Nicole & Gregg – 40w5d – 69% probability

And there you have it folks! Who do you think will win? And what do you think the prize should be?

Please comment below :).

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

Ben & Karis

PS. I just totally made all those numbers up. I have valid scientific data, but my interpretation’s probably faulty at best :).


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