Lil Monster Finally Gets His Train Set!

For those who don’t know, we’ve been looking for a Thomas & Friends train set for our son these past few months now. I suppose we felt somewhat guilty that his ghetto train set from IKEA was falling apart, despite the fact we’d crazy glued half the parts together (along with a healthy serving of TWO rolls of industrial strength tape). There’s also something about watching my kid getting bullied by the bigger kids (whom I may add, were raised by wolves) at the neighborhood Barnes and Noble that makes me want to buy all the frigg’n trains in the universe for him.

We held the purchase off for quite some time; this had nothing to do with model parenting principles, but because the train sets were so frigg’n expensive! $300 JUST for the table? And then another $400 for the tracks and train? Thomas and his friends are on the pipe!

Fast forward to this past weekend, we found out Lil Monster was invited to his BFF’s birthday party next door. We left Toys R Us with a Space Edition Woody (from Toy Story) for the birthday boy…AND A BRAND SPANKING NEW TRAIN SET FOR OUR LIL MONSTER! Though it wasn’t the “real” Thomas train set, we’re hoping he doesn’t realize this until he reaches puberty :). And to facilitate this facade a little bit further, we bought him some legit Thomas trains to go with this pretty awesome knock-off :).

Tada! Pretty hard core knock-off if you ask me. Took me a whole 2 hours to put together!

Aiden plays with his new train set.

The legit trains fit on these tracks, SCORE!

Hiro goes through a bridge.

Of course we got Lil Monster an Asian train (that’s Hiro, for the uninitiated).

Percy sits under a crank.

Despite his new trains, our son still loves his Percy. Oh well :).

Aiden plays with his new train set.

We love this kid so stink’n much. Sure, we might not be able to get him the best of the best of the best of everything (not at the moment, anyway), but we’ll work our butts off to get him pretty darn close :).

Cheers :)

Ben & Karis

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