Lil Monster Gets a Pet

So Karis and I debated (for all of 5 minutes) about the appropriate time to teach Lil Monster some lessons about responsibility. It’s one thing to pick up his trains when he’s done playing with them, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when living creatures are involved. We needed something low maintenance dummy-proof, easy to care for difficult to kill, and relatively inexpensive difficult to kill. At the very least, this would provide endless hours of staring and entertainment for a 2 year old, which would otherwise be wasted on staring at the TV and not picking up his trains :).

So without further ado, we welcome the newest addition to our family:

Betta Fish - By Ben Lau Photography

“Number #1” is his name, out of what we imagine will be many :).

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Ben & Karis

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