Monday Randomness: Cheerleading Your Spouse at 2AM

Got the case of the Mondays? Us too. After chasing brides (and grooms) for 30+ hours this past weekend, I sometimes wish I had started this wedding photography business 10 years ago. Adrenaline (and a sprinkle of unfettered passion) keeps us going for those long hours, but our bodies simply won’t recover the way they used to. My usual routine after every wedding involves an additional hour of backing-up the day’s images, with Karis un-methodically shedding her clothes behind me while en route to our bed. When I finally retire to our bedroom, there’s a haphazard trail of clothes leading up to the door, where I imagine her to be in this current state:

And I’m like: “We survived! We just shot two back-to-back weddings….yay!”

While she shares my passion and enthusiasm on most occasions, cheerleading at 2:00am may have been pushing it :).

It’s catch-up time here at HQ and we had tons of fun this weekend with our couples Christina & Nick and Dana & George. Congrats to the four of you, and we can’t wait to share all these images with everyone :).

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Monday!

Ben & Karis


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