[Engagement] Irene & Cory – Philadelphia, PA

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Sometimes the best plan is not having one. When we were first mapping out our plans for Irene & Cory’s Philadelphia engagement session, we had all sorts of amazing ideas; from the Philadelphia Horticulture Center to the cobblestone streets of Old City, I knew it was going to be nothing short of epic. Much to our dismay, the universe apparently had other plans for us, and a mountain of crystal balls could not have predicted that there would be a huge event happening at the Horticulture Center on the date of the session, nor could we have ever predicted there would be an unrelenting swarm of tourists on the one cobblestone-y block in all of Philadelphia. I mean seriously – we couldn’t catch a break AT ALL.

But my friends, this was probably the best scenario that could’ve ever happened to Irene & Cory (aside from the two of them meeting each other all those years ago): because chaos and spontaneity is where/when we photographers get our best work done. I mean this with every ounce of my being. At the end of the day, there’s nothing a nice graffiti wall and a well-placed fern can’t fix – and we had plenty of both (and definitely not by design).

I can’t thank Irene & Cory for agreeing to play along, and I can’t wait to play with them some more on their wedding day in Bear Mountain later this year. Plan or no plan, I already know we’re going to create something magical…AGAIN!

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