[Engagement] Yumi & Alan – Brooklyn, NY (Sneak Peek)

This week starts one of the busiest weeks I’ll ever have this year. It’s one of the final weeks of Spring here on the East Coast, and I’ve already started an inventory of indoor locations where I’ll be shooting in 120 degree weather. But of course, Yumi and Alan didn’t have to worry about that; they picked once of the nicest days I’ve ever experienced this season. It was a mild day, with a cool breeze swirling around the cobblestone streets of Vinegar Hill. And truth be told, Vinegar Hill had been in my inventory for some time; so when Yumi suggested this location for their engagement session, I had to restrain myself from doing cartwheels around the office :).

Alan and Yumi share a kiss during their engagement session in Vinegar Hill. Captured by New York City wedding photographer Ben Lau.

This is why :).

As some of you may already know, we just got back from Montreal yesterday. But there’s no time to decompress today as we’re heading right back out to my old stomping grounds of Washington DC in just a few short hours. This week’s going to be a doozy :). Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and a fabulous Monday. I know I will, I’m getting a free car wash today!

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