Greetings from Aruba!

It’s day 3 here for us here in Aruba, and it’s hard to imagine that we have (yet another) snowmageddon waiting for us back in NJ. We definitely won’t be hearing any complaints here :). As I’m writing this in our air conditioned garden view room, I’m resisting the urge to leap from our balcony into the nearby pool. This is mostly because due to my long-standing claim that nobody will ever see me drinking a mojito while in a hammock by the poolside, along with the fact that I’ll probably be the 2nd brightest object in Aruba (next to the Sun, that is). There isn’t enough SPF in the world that’ll save me, and I’m sure the resort guests will thank me later for it.

But the whole truth is, two brief hours in yesterday’s sun transformed yours truly into a giant lobster. For the record, I still need to survive two more days of sunlight till this Friday’s wedding. Our friends Rosalen and Chris are counting on it!

But of course, that didn’t stop this Lil Monster from enjoying some of the poolside festivities. Apparently he was the only family member spared from getting crisped :).

Greetings from Aruba :).

Ben & Karis (and the Lil Monsters!)

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