Lil Monster 1.0 Tries To Fix His Dad

“Ba-ba! Ba-ba! Wake up!” he says to me. I peek from behind a cozy comforter adorned with colorful prints of various cars and trucks. I’ve apparently fallen asleep in my son’s bed again, and I would be lying if I said this was the first time this has ever happened. But I digress. With the wedding season in full swing, most of my days are spent behind either a camera or computer.  And occasionally, if I’m lucky enough, I may even get to do normal human-being stuff like eat, shower, or pass out on my kid’s bed. I continue to watch my 3 year old as he climbs into bed with me, still wearing the clothes he wore to school today: a pair of gray sweatpants complete with a striped fleece suit-jacket. Nice. There’s no doubt this is my wife’s kid.

“Ba-ba’s tired.” I tell him. “Can you let Ba-ba take a nap until Mommy gets home?”

“No.” he says, defiantly.

“Ba-ba has no energy.” I plead with him. “I have no batteries…”

“No batteries?” he asks, his voice suddenly perks up. He jumps off the bed and runs into my office next door. I can hear him huffing and puffing as he laboriously moves stuff around. He returns a few minutes later.


“My Pocket Wizards? How is this going to help me?” I ask him.
“Look!” he points to the battery cover. “Battery inside!”
I chuckle for a moment, before telling him that it was the wrong kind of battery. Undeterred, he runs off again.


“How bout this?” he asks, now presenting a collection of camera batteries in his tiny little hands. “Will this work?”
“No.” I tell him. “These won’t work.”
“I can fix it!” he reassures me before running back to my office.
I’m still pretty tired at this point, but unquestionably amused. I’m almost looking forward to what he was going to bring into the room next.


“Look Ba-ba! I found real batteries!” he exclaims.
“And where am I supposed to put these?” I ask him. “Where’s Ba-ba’s battery cover?”
“Over here.” he says, dropping a few batteries down my shirt. Before he manages to empty the my entire bag of batteries down my shirt, he suddenly drops everything on the bed and runs towards the door. Mommy had just gotten home, which meant I would definitely not be getting my nap today. No rest for the weary :).

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