Lil Monster Gets a Big Boy Bed

When our oldest son was first born, I’d like to think that we were doing mostly everything right. After all, we did manage to keep him alive all these years. I will confess though, that we took some liberties with regards to his sleeping habits; he’s never gone to bed when normal kids are “supposed” to go to bed (which I believe is somewhere in the ballpark of 7pm). Instead, we simply let him go crazy until he runs out of gas, which usually happens around 9-10pm. A little unorthodox and reprehensible? Perhaps. But this was the path of least resistance, as we were working around the clock to make sure the wheels didn’t fall off the wagon of our burgeoning photography business. Once upon a time, this Lil Monster DID sleep in a crib like a normal kid. This lasted only 3 months and we eventually found ourselves with an extra human being in our bed. With our luck, he probably would’ved stayed there till he was 18 years old.

Then came the 2nd Lil Monster, whom I’m glad to say has stayed in his crib since the day he was born. I’ll have to assume that at some point these next few years, he’ll begin to wonder why he wasn’t invited to the slumber party in mom & dad’s bed with his older brother. With that in mind, we promptly decided it was time to get his older brother a big boy bed.

To ease the transition, we parked his spacious IKEA bed (which he picked, btw) next to our bed. He even picked out a car-themed linen set. Hook, line and sinker….right?

Sleep Training and Big Boy Bed

I’m sure we’re not the first parents to see this happen :).

So the Lil Monster still goes to bed around 9pm, and we try our best to keep him on his awesome new bed. Our new nightly routine consists of me peeking into our room and checking to see if he’s sleeping where he’s supposed to be sleeping.

Sleep Training and Big Boy Bed

But of course the kid’s a terrible liar. That’s probably a good thing :).

After spending most of last week in the unreasonably humid mid-Atlantic with all of our awesome clients, we’re super stoked to finally be back in our air-conditioned office. We are totally looking forward to all the office days we have in July!

Happy Tuesday ya’ll,


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