My Wife the Ninja…Sorta

When we were children, I wanted to grow up to become a writer and Karis wanted to be a ninja assassin. This makes perfect sense I suppose: I enjoy the magic of words and storytelling while Karis enjoys making “psh-psh” sounds when she punches the air. I’m pretty sure this is precisely why I married this woman :). We recently spent a week at my brother’s house in Southern Maryland. It didn’t take long before both of our boys started going bonkers from cabin fever. We decided to take the whole family out for a drive and the kids passed out before we even got out to the main road (victory!). And because we would be silly parents to waste all this quiet time by heading back indoors, we took this opportunity to test out Karis’ blending-into-the-background-ninja-skills.

It’s probably a good thing she’s a much better graphic designer than she is a ninja assassin :).

Happy Monday ya’ll,

Ben & Karis



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