Lil Monster’s Dad Goes To School

A couple embraces while lying down on a dock at Mohonk Mountain during their engagement session with NJ wedding photographer Ben Lau.

I’ll be the first to admit that Karis and I never had any formal training in the world of professional wedding photography. We simply couldn’t afford any classes when we were first starting out, and many already-established photographers shunned us whenever we approached them about second-shooting. Everything we learned, we learned on our own and we’ve never looked back since. Fast forward to the present day, we now boast a modest portfolio filled with lovely photos of many beautiful couples who’ve shared their special day with us over the years. Now, a part of me feels like I’ve learned all I could learn on my own; Karis and I recently decided that starting this year, we were going to take our skills and business to the next level, and begin a learning under some of the greatest masters in the industry. For the next few days, I’ll be calling Southern NJ my home. In the meantime, I’ll be leaving this guy in charge.


Try not to torment your mother (too much) while I’m gone, mmkay?

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We hear the coffee's pretty good here :)

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