Sunday Randomness : Long Working Hours and Canceling the Apocalypse

It’s been an exhausting week, to say the least. The silver lining in all of this?  The Fall engagement season is officially over and my shooting schedule finally slows down enough to allow for some office time.


And by “office time”, I mean sitting behind my computer from 8am every morning until 3am the following morning. I mean it with sincerity when I tell folks that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, I’m a walking zombie during my kids’ waking hours, but I’m glad to be working…period. I remind myself that all this exhaustive (and exhausting) work is done for a greater good, and that the alternative is NOT being productive (which would be a terrible thing).


Actually, I’m thrilled to be the walking zombie that I am these days. When I look back on my past work, it’s a painful exercise that involves lots of cringing and shuddering. It’s a miracle I have a career in photography in the first place, hence my reason for being so thankful. I’m also pretty sure I’ll be saying the same thing five years from now about my current work.


The growth of this business required lots of practice, hard work and copious amounts of shameless salesmanship, along with many weekends figuring out a gazillion new ways to arrange/position rings and wedding bands for the detail pictures (admittedly, some attempts more successful than others).


With the end of the Fall engagement session shooting season comes the beginning of the actual Winter engagement session (there’s a memo that goes around every year that supposedly states the best time to propose is somewhere between a Thanksgiving turkey and a box of Valentines Day chocolates). There’s certainly no rest for the weary, but I’m loving every moment of it :).

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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