[Wedding] Sandra & Jamal – Coral House in Baldwin, NY (Sneak Peek)

Had you seen me twenty-five years ago, you would’ve found a squat little six year-old Asian boy waiting by his bus stop wearing a hideously atrocious brown school uniform. And next to this bespectacled boy, you would’ve found a (much) taller girl, same age, wearing the same hideously atrocious patterns on her schoolgirl dress. Had you approached this little boy, he probably would’ve looked at you strangely with his gimungo eyes filled with paranoia and trepidation…just moments before the taller six year old girl pushes you away, and demands that you stay away from her friend.

Yes, that was me, the shy and socially-awkward one. And yes, that was Sandra, the Don’t-Mess-With-My-Friends-Or-I’ll-Beat-You-Up kinda gal you always wanted on your team :).

Unless you’re family, there’s nobody on my FB friend’s list who’s known me longer than Sandra. 25(ish) years later, now I’m the extroverted, socially-awkward one. Go fig.

For obvious reasons, I never realized I was Asian till I was in high school :).

I couldn’t have been more thrilled for Sandra when she told me about Jamal. When I first met him for their engagement session, I immediately knew they were perfect for each other. His shameless sense of humor and not-too-shabby Burt Reynolds impression, even we were smitten!

Bride and groom share a kiss near the pond at Coral House in Baldwin, NY. Captured by awesome NJ wedding photographer Ben Lau.

We love these two, and we can’t wait to share more with you!

Smitten as a kitten,

Ben & Karis

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