Always Remember to Smile

When people ask us what we like most about being a wedding photographer, we tell them it’s not always about creating beautiful images, or living a life-long dream of NOT being a starving artist :). Perhaps one of our most favoritest things about being a wedding photographer are the opportunities to create and foster new friendships with all of our clients. This not only allows us to create a comfortable working environment filled with trust, honesty and genuine emotions, but it also gives us a clearer understanding of all the different types of personalities on the other side of the lens. We’re very blessed to say that many of these relationships have had 6-18 months to develop before we ever get them in front of our cameras for the very first time.

By that time, we have a much clearer idea of what we have to do get them to smile…you know…without barking instructions at them :).

Bride smiles as she poses in her suite at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City.

For Rosalen here, it involved the assistance of some very hilarious bridesmaids :).

Rosalen and Chris have the distinct honor of being our first (AND second) wedding for 2013.
We couldn’t have asked for a more awesome couple to kick off our new year!

Much love, friends!

Ben & Karis

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