Weekend(ish) Update: I Survived!

So I spent most of Memorial Day in a catatonic state in my son’s room, lying face down on his foam play-mat in a drooling stupor – an expected by-product of the Spring wedding season. But quite honestly, I loved every, single minute of it. Sure, the lap-top that ran our photo booth crashed one day before wedding #1, but we got that quickly sorted out (ie. frantic purchase of new laptop shortly after drop-kicking the old one). Then my secondary camera nose-dived onto the ground during wedding #2, but thankfully the filter was our only casualty. So much had happened in those 48 hours that I was practically bullet-proof by the time wedding #3 rolled around. But of course, all three weddings carried on as usual…because we’re clearly just that awesome :).

There is a silver lining to all of this, aside from surviving these past two weeks and emerging relatively unscathed. I got two new cameras! Feast your eyes on these two delicious specimens of awesomeness:

While I’m tempted to ditch my 36MP monstrosity at weddings and opt for this more compact, lightweight 3MP alternative,
I’m going to err on the side of caution on this one :).

When my father joined the 21st century by going digital, his 35mm film cameras fell by the wayside. As I’ve gone through several upgrades to my gear these past few years, he’d been eyeing all of my doodads – especially since my brother casually suggested that I wasn’t using them anymore (gee thanks…). But for clarification’s sake (and we can chalk it up to my Chinese genes), none of my gear ever goes to waste and I’d squeeze the last bit of utility out of them till they burn into the ground :). Apparently, this apple didn’t fall too far from its tree because my dad’s had this camera for well over 30 years…and this sucker still works. It’s a cosmetic nightmare, but I’m absolutely amazed that this thing still works. Crazy!

I knew my dad had this guy stashed away somewhere, and when I asked him about it – he happily offered to trade this gem for one of my old battery grips. You’re kidding me, right? Needless to say, I ended up buying him a new one instead. It was the least I could do :).

Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming!


PS. Upon receipt of aforementioned battery grip, my dad unceremoniously put it back in its box and stored it away into his mystery storage area. Go fig.

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