Over-worked and Under-medicated, But Loving Every Moment Of It!

My quest to finally get the blog rolling again has been met with all kinds of busy-ness, and certainly not for lack of trying. As if having a fully stacked schedule these past few months weren’t already enough, I’ve had to do it under the haze of an anti-histamine cocktail that certainly can’t be good for my health. We still haven’t identified the culprit of my severe allergic reactions, but my dear mother is pretty sure I’ve been poisoned. At this rate, I’m almost convinced she may be right.

My health issues aside, we are still rock’n and roll’n with our Fall wedding season. We’ve even had the pleasure of capturing this milestone for the very first time: an actual engagement!

Engagement taking place with Philly skyline.

She said “YES!”

Engagement session with Philly skyline. Captured by NYC wedding photographer Ben Lau.

Full post coming soon :).

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