Ben Lau Photography Presents: Photo Booth Fun!

Just like many of our brides, I’m very much a DIY kinda guy. When you go to a bridal show, there are no shortages of photo booth companies (many of whom, I might add, do phenomenal work!). Then I thought to myself: You know what? I have an old camera, lighting equipment and moustaches lying around. Let’s put these babies to work!

Ben Lau Photography's Photo Booth set up.

Impressed? I thought so :).

Karis with Bunny Ears in Ben Lau Photography's Photo Booth

Ben in Ben Lau Photography's Photobooth.

Photo Booth picture from Yulan and Herbie's wedding day in Princeton, NJ with photographers Ben and Karis Lau of Ben Lau Photography.

So it is with great pleasure to announce to all of you, that Ben Lau Photography now offers an open-air photo booth for YOUR wedding! Please contact us for more details! Hope ya’ll enjoy, and Happy Monday!

~ Ben & Karis

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