[Engagement] Devi & Nick – Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA

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As our country began it’s painfully slow road to recovery from this pandemic, most of us have been eager to emerge from our shelters for fresh air, human interaction, and any semblance of normalcy in our lives. Although this fight is far from over, we in the Northeastern US have made incredible progress. With this progress comes a lifting of restrictions, a little bit more freedom of movement, and (sorta kinda) back to our regularly scheduled programming. So once we got the green light from the State of NJ and health officials, we opened our calendars and *BOOM*: our wonderful clients filled all our dates, just like that.

I imagine some of them were just looking for an excuse to get out of the house :).

So how does one plan an engagement session amidst an ongoing pandemic, aside from the standard protocols of social-distancing and mask-wearing? You avoid all the other germy, mouth-breathing humans, that’s how :). So when we photographed Devi & Nick’s engagement session at Longwood Gardens, that’s precisely what we did, masked up and all. Thankfully, Longwood Gardens offers plenty of space to spread out, with some relatively cool, shaded areas to boot. After almost 5 months of lock-down, I’ll pretty much take anything at this point. But with all the gorgeousness at Longwood Gardens at our disposal on this very beautiful summer day, we absolutely got back way more than we could’ve ever imagined!

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